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Anoop Mishra - Top Social Media Experts in India

Social Media PR Strategist

A shift in Perception and interpretation can awaken new possibilities.Know how Social Media PR can help you to build that 'SHIFT!'
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Create a plan to boost your leads and sales from online marketing #PlanToSucceed
You need an online strategy and roadmap!
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Are you making the most of the opportunity of Digital Marketing? With so many potential buyers actively using search engines, websites, apps and social media to decide on the best product or service, you have to be visible and provide the best experience to help them choose your brand.

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What can go wrong when you don't have a strategy?

Through working with many businesses we have seen so many wasted opportunities and problems when companies don’t have a strategy. Here are few reasons you need an online digital strategy. Creating an online marketing plan helps solve these problems.

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We believe that analysis of your company and your customers is key in responding effectively to your promotional needs.
We work flexibly with clients to fulfil their Social Media PR needs
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Profile Of An Entrepreneur by Anoop Mishra

Do you have the key traits of an entrepreneur? How many times have you considered starting your own business? Do you know what it takes to be successful in your...
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The Power of Performance Management

An interview with Donna Fluss In an exclusive interview with BM, Donna Fluss explains why contact center performance management can help achieve organizational goals and increase revenue.   If you...
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Talk is money

By SCOTT ZIMMERMAN, President of TeleVox Software, Inc. The request is all too common in marketing departments across corporate America today: “Keep customers happy, and while you’re at it, increase...
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Implementing an Integrated Sales Management Process

By ROBERT S. GNUSE While sales are sharply declining, technical professionals are happily busy with existing work and headquarters…well…the mantra is consistently implying that “we’ve got to sell, sell, sell!”...
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Five Pitfalls to Successful Shiny Object Marketing

Shiny objects are more than mere attractive baubles. For millennia, man has elevated shiny objects not only to the pinnacle of desire, but to godhood. For example, the Chinese started...
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