IT is a Zero Profit Sector for India.

China is no. one in IT hardware Production just because they are not in to IT Software & Services ( Manpower Junk Yard)

If we go with a simple calculation We can understand that the total Expected income by the IT/ITES Industry of this F.year(2012-13) is $23.6 billion in India with 1.3 Million Manpower indeed. Where China Earned $420.6 billion just by producing Electronic Goods in F.Year 2010. with 1.7 Million Manpower. And the best part without any Additional Investment in Education Sector for focusing at Semiconductor or Electronic subjects in their Universities.

Where the worst part in India : We, Our Students & Government invest around $3.7 Billion in IT Education to Learn IT/Computers/Software Application/Services.

Even After this a new market “e-education” is growing and expected to reach around $45-60 Billion by year 2015 which is currently around $20 Billion.
So if we calculate-
Total Revenue from IT Sector = 23.6 (Expected)
Total Investment to develop manpower = -3.7
Total E-Education = -20.00
Total= $ – 0.1 Billion.

India Must Switch to Produce Hardware’s Because its rare to Buy’s Software to update a Phone or Laptops but we Buy Cell Phones/Laptops with New Features.
Same as Computers ..Intel Launches i7 Series which too support old software applications.
Apple Launches i5 with upgraded Hardware n Features as best phone yet in 2012 then what was 4s and 3G in 2011 & 10.
Where Samsung selling its Hardware Galaxy since 2009.